Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough Hall - Notes on Sampson, Strelley, Chaworth, Wood & Bold

Notes on the Strelley family

Keith Train’s family tree had a John de Strelley who was living in 1491 and was married to Elizabeth Barwick (Berwick). He had three sons, Henry Strelley, **** Eyre, John Strelley, who died in 1595 and a daughter Elizabeth Strelley. Henry Strelley had the following children: Richard, who married Isabel, daughter of Anthony Salmon, Isabel, who married John Bold, Mary, baptised 30th April 1547 (Parish Register), Christopher, who married:

1. Frances, daughter of Edward Boun

2. Mary, daughter of Henry Wigley

Christopher granted Woodborough a way to John Bold, son of his sister Isabel, before the birth of his own son William. The latter married Frances, daughter of Fouke Cartwright of Ossington.

The John Sterley whose will is at the Borthwick Institute (York) and dated 10th August 1534 is possibly the John de Strelley above, who mentions in his will his wife Elizabeth and son Henry. He also makes his brother in law Gabriel Berwick, supervisor of his will.

Henry Strelley whose will is Henry Styrley at the Borthwick Institute dated 23rd November 1558 also fits in with the Henry Strelley above. There is a Mary Strelley, daughter of Henry Strelley, baptised on 30th April 1547 (Woodborough PR) and Jane Strelley baptised 30th October 1550 (PR) and married on 24th August 1577 (PR). A John Strelley, son of John Strelley is buried on 17th November 1588 (PR). This could either be Henry’s brother John, or a son of the latter.

Buckland says under Wills mentioned in the Torre M.S.S. at York 10th August 1534 John Shirley (Strelley) of Wodborowe made his will proved 18th September 1534 giving his soul et supra, [above all the power of] and his body to be buried in the Chancel of Wodborowe before St Swithin. 13th November 1558 Henry Sherley (Strelley) of Wodborowe in County of Notts Esquire made his will, proved 28th September 1568 giving his soul to God Almighty, his Creator and Redeemer and to all saints, and his body to be buried in the close of St Swithin’s in Wodborowe upon the south side of ye Chancel.

According to Thoroton and Keith Train’s book 20 Nottinghamshire families, the Strelleys had founded branches of the family at Hazelback, near Hope, Derbyshire, Woodborough and Linby by at least 1435, so in the will of John Sterley (Strelley) of 1534 the reference to Nicholas Sterley (Strelley) of Linby fits in with the name Strelley.

Henry Strelley of Woodborough, in an Inquisition Post Mortem dated 37 Henry VIII (1545) had recently sold some of his land at Normanton to Richard Willoughby of Nottingham, Gent.

Mrs Frances Strelley, wife of Christopher Strelley, died 24th December 1604. Christopher Strelley then married Mary Wigley by licence on 1st April 1606. William Strelley, son of Christopher Strelley, was baptised 31st August 1611. Frances, daughter of William Strelley, Gent, and Frances was baptised 2nd June 1637. Anne, daughter of William Strelley, Gent, and Frances was baptised 18th August 1638.

Notes on the Chaworth family

It is unknown where Henry Chaworth originated from or why he was living at Woodborough.




Notes on the Wood family



NB. As there were three generations of John Wood and a father and son both married Catherine, I cannot be precise.

Notes on the Bold (Bould) family

Jane Bould, wife of John Bould, buried 31st July 1615.

John Bould, Gent, buried 5th March 1628/29.

Strelley, son of John Bould, baptised 20th January 1603/04.



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