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Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Ancient woodlands surrounding Woodborough

Introduction: Woodborough nestles in a shallow fertile valley and is surrounded on three sides by rolling wooded hills; the highest being 125 metres above sea level, the village itself is 35 metres. The largest of our local woodlands is Ploughman Wood which probably formed the southern part of the much larger Sherwood Forest.

Plan showing the remaining woodlands in the Woodborough locality.

The decline of the once huge Sherwood Forest has taken centuries and what we are left with today are scattered pockets of woodland. Some of our woodlands have been left to nature and are largely untouched, others have been managed. Following the recent scourge of Dutch Elm disease, where necessary they have been replanted,

Now that there is a much greater interest in preservation it is unlikely that these ancient woodlands will be lost or allowed to decline further. Careful management by local farmers and organisations such as the Wildlife Trusts will preserve these natural habitats for the animals, birds and fauna and flora for future generations to enjoy their beauty.

Woodlands are very much part of the English landscape for which this country is renowned throughout the world. We are fortunate to have three fine examples on our doorstep.


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