Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough Photographic Recording Group

The Group was formed in November 1998 by six members of the Woodborough Local History Group (there are currently eight active members), who wished to precede on an idea put forward by John Hoyland and David Rose, that it might be desirable to photograph the village as a Millennium project. This initial meeting also discussed how we could preserve for future generations, the wealth of old photographs known to be in existence on Woodborough life.

There was enthusiastic support for both projects; the group then sought information on how best to deal with the storage of digital images.  ITC of Beeston Nottingham provided invaluable guidance and a decision was taken on the needs of the group regarding, type of computer, peripheral hardware and also suitable software that would be needed to progress the project. It was evident a substantial sum of money would be required and a successful National Lottery application was made in April 1999. Following the receipt of funds the group made its purchases and commenced the job of scanning old photographs, the group currently has over 3100 images covering a period from 1860 to current times (year 2005). During the year 2000 we photographed the village with a high quality digital camera, then added these images into the computer database. We have gained the confidence of local people who now regard the projects as being very worthwhile.

We are able to display photographic images by using an projector linked to our computer. There have been six presentations during the winter of 2001/02.

The Group proposes to allow the Nottinghamshire Archive Office to hold copy CD's of the entire collection of photographs, when  we feel it to be complete.

We offer our grateful thanks not only to the people of Woodborough for their support and enthusiasm for our projects, but also to the providers of funds, The Heritage Lottery 'Awards for All' and The Nottinghamshire Rural Community Council, all of whom enabled a remarkable collection of photographs to be created covering life and times of Woodborough covering a period in excess of 140 years.

Additional to providing our local history via these web pages, we launched our first booklet in December 2002 covering the history of our village from 1870 through to 1930 with many photographs from that period. At the time of updating this page nearly 500 copies have been sold. The pendulum swings now to the written documentation than to acquiring more photographs. Our website will continue to grow through the addition of more subjects as and when they are completed.

We have commissioned a professional video production of all aspects of activities during a year in the life of our village entitled 'The Woodborough Year'. Filming will commence in May 2003 and run through to April 2004. Copies of the video, which has a running time of 65 minutes, are available to purchase in both VHS and DVD formats. We are confident that this will form a splendid record for future generations.

We are always happy to try and deal with research enquiries via email, although we may request a small payment depending on how much work is involved.

Our website (www.woodborough-heritage.org.uk) has a wealth of information, facts, photographs, plans and maps. The site has been completely refreshed in 2016 and we thank everyone who has contributed to it’s success.

Financially, we have been supported by local businesses and by the following:


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