Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Methodist Church 1985

The Methodist Witness in Woodborough spans a period of around 175 years. Unfortunately, the records of the former Wesleyan Society have been lost. The Wesleyans were direct descendants of the 18th century Evangelical Revival that led to the Methodist church ceding from the Anglican church following John Wesley’s death. Their Church, known as The Central Methodist Church, was built on its present site (Roe Hill/Main Street corner) in 1877. There are still descendants of the original trustees alive in the village today, among them Alan Wright. The strong emphasis on scriptural Holiness with the call to a changed heart matched by Social Concern, was well-captured in the life of the late Sir Frank Small.

The earlier divisions in Methodism are reflected in the visit of William Clowes to Woodborough in 1817. Clowes was pelted with eggs and St Swithun’s bells rung to drown his message. It was however a visit of the Reverend William Morton, from Arnold, that led to the formation of a Primitive Methodist class in Woodborough. They met in William Bradley’s cottage, before moving into the barn. In 1851 the Chapel opened, on the site of the garage [this was the Primitive Methodists at the West End Chapel]. The stalwarts were Joseph Marriott, James Leafe, James May and William Orange. Further extensions were made in 1900. This church closed in 1962, among its last leaders was Evelyn Foster.

From 1962 onwards the Methodists have worshipped in the former central building. In 1967 following subsidence, the Chapel was refurbished to its present date [1985]. The Methodist people have left their mark on Woodborough. The decline of the large families led to an ebb in the numbers, but for all that has been achieved spiritually, socially and community service, we thank God, as we look forward we do so in trust that we may “serve the present age our calling to fulfil”.

A way that includes services with and alongside members of the whole Christian Presence in Woodborough.




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