Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

The Woodborough Institute - Transcripts of Minutes, dated 1883, 1891, 1893 & 1895

Minutes of a meeting held April 30th 1883

Village of Woodborough – Proposed new Wesleyan Chapel – Introduction.

The old Wesleyan Chapel at Woodborough [known now as The Institute] situate in one of the side streets known as Row Lane having become too small for the requirements of the Congregation and Village, the population of which was at the Census of 1881 – 889 souls, the inside dimensions of the Chapel being only 31’ 2” X 19’7” and needing many repairs. Ventilation and there not being  any ground adjourning which could be made available , so that the Chapel could be enlarged and Mr William Lee of Birmingham, a native of Woodborough, having offered a site for a new Chapel and Sunday School in a much more convenient and attractive position situate at the bottom of Row Lane where it intersects the main street of the Village, the Trustees of the old Chapel were called together on April 30th 1883 at Woodborough, by the Reverend William Hill, the Superintendent Minister, to consider the whole question, both as regards the old Chapel, and also as to the proposed new Chapel, when the following Trustees were present vis:

Mr William Hill, butcher, Farnsfield, Notts.

Mr William Lee, builder, 51 Aston Road, Birmingham.

The only surviving absent Trustees being:

Mr Thomas Wright, shoemaker, Carrington, Nottingham.

Mr Samuel Lee, 9 St Ann Street, Liverpool.

Mr Samuel Slaney, farmer, Annesley, Nottingham.

Mr Thomas Morley, Lincoln.

Messrs. F W Adamson, Baguley, Hay, Machin, & Samuel Smith being present, at the meeting , at the invitation of the Reverend William Hill, to confer with the Trustees on the whole question.

Resolved by the Trustees. The Reverend William Hill in the Chair:

1: That Mr William Lee, having offered a site of about 400 square yards in the main Street of Woodborough, at the price of £20, on which to erect a new Chapel and Sunday School, that a new Trust be formed for the purpose of purchasing such Site.

2: That the old chapel shall be sold, when the new Chapel and Sunday School are erected to take its place, or at such time as the Chapel Committee in Manchester may think reasonable, and the proceeds of the Sale thereof be handed to the Trustees of the proposed new Chapel and Sunday School, to assist in the erection of the same.  

Minutes of a meeting of the Trustees of the Old Wesleyan Chapel

At Woodborough held August 31st 1891

Present: Messrs William Smith, Gammon, Adamson, Statham, and Footitt.

In the absence of the Superintendent Minister, the Reverend F C Dugdale who had been summoned to the meeting, but was away from the Circuit, W Adamson was elected Chairman of the meeting. A proposal was submitted in writing from Mr George Gregg, a Trustee and Treasurer of the Trust, which was fully explained by W Carnill, who attended for that purpose, as to letting the Old Chapel to the Reverend Buckland, Vicar of Woodborough on terms embodied in the draft agreement drawn by Mr Gregg. Resolved unanimously that the Building be let to Mr Buckland on the terms embodied in the draft agreement now submitted. That Mr Gregg be authorised to carry this Agreement into effect and to sign the same on behalf of the Trustees.

Minutes of a meeting of the Trustees of the Old Wesleyan Chapel

Held at the New Wesleyan Chapel at Woodborough April 23rd 1895

Specially called to consider an offer for the Purchase of the Old Wesleyan Chapel and to transact any business in connection therewith.

Present: Messrs Gregg (Treasurer) Adamson (Secretary) Messrs Smith, Footitt, and Gammon, Mr Statham being absent through illness. The Reverend R Nicholson, not being able to be present, Mr Gregg was unanimously elected to take the chair.

1: The Minutes of the last meeting were read out and confirmed.

2: Mr Adamson the Secretary reported that he had been negotiating the Sale of the Old Chapel to Messrs Joseph Clayton, W Southern and Elijah Wright and that subject to the sanction of this meeting, the price agreed was £75.

3: Proposed by Mr Gammon and seconded by Mr Footitt that the offer of £75 be accepted, carried unanimously.

Extracts from the Woodborough Institute Minute Book – January 1945 to May 1945
A public meeting was held at The Institute, Roe Lane, Woodborough, on Wednesday January 10th 1945. Mr J Cook presiding over a meeting of 15 persons. The meeting was convened to find a means of re-opening the Room for social functions etc. A temporary committee was formed of seven persons: Mr J Cook – Chairman, Mr F Dunthorne, Mr M Foster – honorary secretary, Mr W Raynor, Mrs A Bailey, Mrs S Middup and Mrs W Raynor.

Before anything could be proceeded with, it was agreed that the Secretary write to the Landlord – Mr C L Hill, asking what terms he was prepared to accept for the use of the Room. It was proposed by Mr J Cook, seconded by A E Foster that when a satisfactory agreement had been reached that the Secretary call a further public meeting to elect a permanent committee.

Another Committee Meeting was held at The Manor on Monday February 19th 1945 with Mr J Cook presiding. The Secretary stated that he had been in touch with Messrs Baker, Halford & Sons, who wished the Committee to make an offer of what they would be prepared to pay for the use of the Room. After some discussion it was proposed by Mr F Dunthorne, seconded by Mr W Raynor and agreed, that an offer of £2-10s-0d per annum be forwarded to Messrs Baker, Halford & Sons. On Monday March 12th 1945. Mr M Foster stated that Mr Hill was prepared to accept the offer of £2-10s-0d per annum rent for The Institute, subject to the premises being taken over in their present condition. A Tenancy Agreement had been duly signed by the Chairman and Secretary and returned to Messrs Baker, Halford & Sons. A committee was then elected from all those present:

Chairman - Mr J Cook

Hon Secretary - Mr M Foster

Hon treasurer - Mr S Savidge

Committee: Messrs. P Bingham, F Dunthorne, W Raynor,

Mesdames. E Bailey, F Godfrey, E Middup, K Raynor, & Miss M Joy

It was suggested that Mrs E Garner be asked to serve on the Committee

On Wednesday October 24th 1945 a meeting was convened, primarily, to draw up a scale of charges for letting the Room for various functions. Proposed by P Bingham, seconded by W Raynor that the price for tea parties be 10 shillings, Whist Drives and dances 10 shillings, Whist Drives only 5 shillings, concerts 7 shillings and 6 pence, public or private meetings 2 shillings and 6 pence. The committee have priority over Wednesday and Saturday evenings for their own use. Unanimously agreed. It was further proposed that the charge for weddings, etc, be £1, and the Pioneer Club 2 shillings and 6 pence each night, and 2 shillings extra for the use of the copper. Agreed. Also that for all non-charitable functions, films etc, the charge be 10 shillings was agreed.

At the first Annual Meeting of The Institute Committee held at The Institute, Roe Lane, on Wednesday April 3rd 1946. Mr J Cook presiding over a meeting numbering 16 persons. The Treasurer, in his report, stated that the balance in hand, in the Room Fund on 31st December 1945 amounted to £9-17s-1d. A meeting April 3rd 1946. With regard to the renovation of the Room, it was proposed that a sub-committee be appointed to meet representatives of the Notts Rural Community Council, who stated that they were willing to defray part of the cost of renovation.

This committee met again on May 8th 1946 with regard to the renovation of the Room it was proposed that tenders be invited for repairing the windows, decorating the interior, and re-fixing the combustion stove nearer to the wall. It was proposed to meet at the Room to draw up a specification and it was further proposed that the stage be lowered to floor level, subject to the written consent of the landlord. It was proposed that the Pioneer Club be asked to install two extra electric lights, as the present lighting was considered inadequate; however it was further suggested that the suggestion of installing electric fires be deferred to a future meeting. [After this last meeting there were no further minutes recorded in the Minutes Book started in January 1945. So at the present time it is not known what happened to the new committee, if it continued then it is presumed that minutes were recorded in other books. Ed].

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