Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough - Burst water mains

Water Mains/Trunk Mains: A 27-inch trunk main from the Oxton reservoir to the Lambley pumping station via Woodborough has suffered from mining problems on Lingwood Lane.

In recent years further problems have been caused by fractured water mains on Lingwood Lane and Roe Hill. Ten bursts have occurred between 1968 and 2007, mostly along Lingwood Lane, but causing havoc along Main Street and in the Pinfold Close / Crescent area.

Dramatic photographs of a burst water main on Lingwood Lane in 1986.

Burst water main – Report from Nottingham Evening Post May 1986

A farmer and his wife escaped unhurt from this pick-up truck, which was swallowed up by the road in a Nottinghamshire village. Mr Philip Moss and his wife, Vicky, of Top Wighay Farm, Linby, were driving along Lingwood Lane in Woodborough when they saw a torrent of water gushing towards them.

“We moved over to the opposite side of the road to avoid it”, Phil said, “and suddenly we dropped straight into the hole”.

The hole, caused by burst trunk water main, measured 20 ft long, 6 ft deep and 8 ft wide. “We weren’t hurt or anything”, said Mrs Moss, “but we got out in double quick time”. Phil said his truck was slightly damaged in the incident, which happened just after two o’clock while he and Vicky were delivering horse-feed.

Mr Tony Platt, consumer services engineer for Severn-Trent Water Authority, said the water main itself was in a good condition and the cause of the burst was likely to have been a ground movement of some kind.

Villagers have recently been rocked by earth tremors. Mr T.M. Greenaway, senior engineer for Gedling Borough Council, said: “experience tells us that the road will have to be closed for about a week while it is repaired”.

Mains burst hits homes – report from Nottingham Evening post - 6th January 1991

A major water burst in Woodborough left hundreds of homes without water. Police closed off Lingwood Lane between Woodborough and Lambley after a 27-inch main burst and millions of gallons of water gushed onto the road.

Householders in Lambley, Woodborough, Gedling, Calverton and Carlton were affected. Severn Trent Water workmen battled throughout the morning to repair the pipe and by mid-day supplies to most homes had been restored.

Several nearby garages on Lingwood Lane suffered flooding and the mopping up operation continued for several hours. Lingwood Lane itself was damaged by the burst and is expected to remain closed for several days while repairs were carried out.

Record of burst water mains from 1968 to 2007:-

  1. 20th September 1968 – burst on Roe Hill - severe flooding on Main Street – road closed and cottages flooded.
  2. 5th July 1975 – burst near Wood Barn Farm entrance on Lingwood Lane – flooding in area of dyke and Main Street.
  3. 23rd February 1977 – burst in same area, flood water again followed course of dyke and flooded Main Street.
  4. April 1983 – flooding in Main Street. Mining of High Hazels seam commenced under Lingwood Lane and village.
  5. 15th May 1986 – burst on Lingwood Lane, large hole in road, severe flooding of Pinfold Estate and Main Street.
  6. 25th March 1987 – burst on Lingwood Lane near Village Hall.
  7. 6th January 1991 – burst on Lingwood Lane. Severe flooding in Pinfold Crescent and Main Street where Sycke Dyke wall collapsed.
  8. 6th April 1994 – mains burst Lingwood Lane just south of The Old School. Severe flooding of houses on Main Street.
  9. Mid-September 2006 – burst water main at the top of Roe Hill near cemetery caused flooding to at least two properties on Shelt Hill.
  10. 19th October 2007 - burst water main at top of Roe Hill near cemetery again causing flooding to at least two properties on Shelt Hill.



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