Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough Hall Estate Sale - 1876

Mansfield Parkyns purchased Woodborough Hall around 1852 and in January 1854 he married Emma Louisa Bethell. The new Mrs Parkyns would have moved to the Hall in 1854 where they raised a family.

The Lascelles & Hagar Trade Directory of 1848 shows that John Ingall Werge Esq. was resident at the Hall in that year, the next available directory is White’s of 1853 and that shows Mr Parkyns was resident then.

The 1876 sales particulars shown below would represent a partial sale of land and buildings belonging to Mr Parkyns. The detailed sale catalogue appears to be missing the only documentation for this sale is with the following summary and it’s accompanying plan. It is not known how much land and property was acquired by Mr Parkyns when he made his purchase in 1852, so a comparison cannot be drawn. The plan shows the the plots that were available for sale but contain no detailed descriptions. There are no indications as to how many of the 18 lots were sold. However, drawing a comparison with the 1894 plan, the lots in that sale were not in the 1852 sale.

The remaining parts of the 1876 Estate were sold in 1894 upon the death of Mr Parkyns.  

Please note: The sales details referred to above are in a very poor condition with many tears and folds and an attempt to scan the whole document has proved difficult. Because several plots are within the Parish of Lambley it has been decided to concentrate our scanning attempts on the properties that lie with in Parish of Woodborough.

The map below is not yet complete (as of 18th October 2020)    

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