Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Wright’s Directory 1871

Woodborough is a small parish and large straggling village in a narrow dale near the Dover Beck, 8 miles north-east by north of Nottingham. The parish consists of 1940 acres of land and in 1861 had 219 houses and 893 inhabitants. The church is large, dedicated to St Swithun and has some fragments of ancient armorial glass in its windows. Baptists, Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel here. The Free School founded by the Rev’d Montague Wood in 1796 now possesses a yearly income of £95 from a farm of 58a. 2r. 1p. at Blidworth and a cottage and 7a. 2r. 31p. at Stapleford. Feast Sunday after the 2nd July.

Post Office at Henry James: letters arrive at 9.15 a.m. and are despatched at 5.30 p.m. Nearest Money Order Office is at Arnold.

St Swithun’s Church incumbent Rev’d Samuel Lealand Oldacres B.A.

Parish Clerk and Sexton Joseph Richardson

Harmonium Mrs Oldacres

Church wardens John Bausor and Mr Potts

Service 10.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.

Sacrament four times per year.

Hymns Ancient and Modern.

Chapels: Baptist, Primitive and Wesleyan – service at 10.30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Archer, William - Boot and shoemaker

Ashmore, William - Victualler, Punch Bowl

Baguley, John - Boot maker

Baguley, Joseph - Boot maker

Barrowcliff, Henry - Sinker maker

Bausor, Mr Thomas       

Bausor, John - Miller and land surveyor

Bish, John - Gardener

Bish, John Junior - Cottager

Bousfield, William Ed.- Miller

Bretby, Edward - Woodland Villa

Broadhurst, Alfred - Gent

Clay, Mary - Straw bonnet maker   

Clayton, Henry - Shopkeeper

Donnelly, Thomas - Framesmith

Dring, George - Bag hosier

Dring, James - Bag hosier

Ester, Thomas Hall       

Fisher, Richard D. - Boot maker           

Flinders, William Thorpe - Assistant overseer

Foster, John - Boot maker

Hallam, Joseph - Blacksmith

Hardstaff, George - Victualler, New Inn

Hartshorn, Francis - Butcher

Hartshorn, William - Butcher

Hind, Amos - Bag hosier

Hogg, William - Collector of rates and taxes

Howitt, William - Bricklayer

James, Henry - Baker and Sub-Postmaster

Leafe, John - Bag hosier

Leafe, Joseph - Bugle Horn

Marriott, Joseph - Shopkeeper

Mellows, Samuel - Tailor

Morley, Richard - Cottager

Oldacres, Rev’d Samuel Lealand, B.A. - Vicar

Orme, John - Blacksmith

Patching, Mrs Maria       

Revill, William - Victualler, Four Bells [NB. Revill could be Reavill]

Richardson, Mrs Ann - Shopkeeper

Richardson, John - Bag Hosier

Richardson, Joseph - Parish Clerk

Robinson, Edwin - Nag’s Head

Smith, Mr George       

Smith, Samuel - Saddler

Stacey, Thomas - Boot maker

Stevenson, Samuel - Shopkeeper

Tomlinson, Samuel - Butcher

Turner, Mrs Mary - Shopkeeper

Ward, William - Joiner and wheelwright

Wood, Charles - Butcher

Wood, William - Joiner

Wharton, William - Coal dealer

Wyld, Christopher - Sinker maker


Clay, William - Shelt Hill

Hancock, John

Poole, Joseph

Richardson, Samuel

Smith, Robert

Southern, Joseph

Southern, William

Taylor, William

Whittaker, Robert


Bausor, John - Water mill

Brett, Elizabeth

Clarke, Thomas

Chauntry, John

Flinders, Samuel

Flinders, William Thorpe

Foster, Joseph

Haynes, John

Hill, William (and brickmaker)

Lees, James

Pinder, Joseph

Poole, John

Revill, John

Robinson, Edward (and contractor)

Shibber, William Wood

Wood, Noah (and land agent) Manor House

Carriers (to Nottingham)

Ashmore, William  Wednesday & Saturday

Poole, Joseph  Wednesday & Saturday

Southern, William  Wednesday & Saturday

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