Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough Hall from 1066 to 2023 - List of principal owners/occupiers.

This list covers a period of nearly 1,000 years it therefore may not be a complete list of occupants and it may not be totally accurate. Most of the entries have been compiled from official records.

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Taken from Ulchel an English thane by William the Conqueror and presented to his son William Peveril, along with most of Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire in exchange for a fixed number of soldiers.

The de Wodeburgs are mentioned in the Domesday book 1086.


Ralf de Wodeburg, a Norman, and his successors,


Ralph de Wodeburg’s manor passed to Henry de Wodeburg and his wife Emme,

Ralph de Wodeburg, son of the above,

Henry de Wodeburg, brother of above,

Hawisia de Wodeburg married Robert de Strelley,

Hawisia, daughter of Clementia married Henry de Wodeburg, her previous marriage to Hugh Sampson of Epperstone.


The Strelleys,

William de Craye,

Paganus de Villers son of Clementia by another previous marriage to Matthew de Villers.


Given to Richard de Strelley and his successors, Royalists in the Civil War.


Paganus de Villers, son of Lady Clementia by her first husband,

Ralph de Wodeburg – married Emme.


Samson de Strelley married Loucia de Foune,

Richard de Strelley who built Woodborough Church married Elena.


Thomas de Strelley, son of the above,

Richard de Strelley, son of the above.


John de Strelley, son of the above,

Richard de Strelley, son of the above,

John de Strelley, son of the above.


Robert de Strelley, son of the above,

John de Strelley son of above married Elizabeth Barwick,

John Strelley, son of the above,

Henry de Strelley, son of the above,

Richard de Strelley, son of the above,

Christopher de Strelley, son of the above.


Passed to Isabel Bold whose grandson, Strelley Bold, sold the lands to George Lacock in 1640,

Christopher Strelley married twice, no heirs by first marriage, settled his estate on sister Isobel, wife of John Bold,

John Bold married Isobel, sister of Richard and Christopher above.

Court Rolls began in 1626



Bought by George Lacock, a Nottingham solicitor and a Roundhead. It is not clear if the lands and Hall were bought in the same year. The Hall was demolished and re-built between 1660 and 1670.


Elizabeth Bainbrigge, who died in 1798.


Left to her cousin, Rev'd Philip Story, a Roundhead, who removed the old roof and built a second storey making it a three storey structure. The Story's were mostly non-resident and the hall was successively let to Captain Fenwick, Mr Worth and Colonel Fenwick.



Major John Bainbrigge Story, Captain Valentine Frederick Story of the 11th Foot Brigade.


Sold to Mr John Ingall Werg. This was only the second sale since the Norman Conquest.


Bought for £4500 by Mr Mansfield Parkyns, an explorer and soldier later buried at Woodborough Church on 12th January 1894.


Bought by Mr Charles Hose Hill, a Nottingham company director.


Mr Hubert Dowson and family.


The Hall was bought by the Crown for use of several high-ranking officers.

From 1939 the Hall was occupied firstly by RAF officers,

then later from 1939 it was used by a number of senior high-ranking Army personnel until 1980.


Air Vice Marshall Trafford Leigh-Mallory ACC 92 Fighter Group, RAF Hucknall.

Also Sir Richard Atcherley and Group Commander Chrisham, no other information about Messrs Atcherley or Chrisham.


Major General R E Goodwin OBE, DSC, GOC 49 (West Riding and Midland) Infantry Division.


Major General T H Birkbeck CB, CBE, DSO, GOC 49 (West Riding and North Midland) Division.


Major General P J Glover CB, OBE, MA, GOC 49 (West Riding and North Midland) Division.


Major General C M M Mann OB, OBE, MC, MA, GOC 49 (West Riding and North Midland) Division.


Major General R Gordon-Finlayson GOC 49 (West Riding and North Midland) Division and East Midland District.


Major General D A H Toler OBE, MC, GOC (East Midland District).


Brigadier C M A Mayes, Brigadier for Eastern District.


Brigadier M J A Tugwell, CBE, Brigadier for Eastern District (Nottingham).


Brigadier D M Stileman, OBE, Brigadier for Eastern District (Nottingham).


Brigadier R A Plummer, Brigadier for Eastern District (Nottingham).


The Military ceased using the Hall in 1980 and it remained empty and unused for four years.


Bought by Mr Oxby.


The Hall was sold to Mr D Wright of Calverton to be developed into a residential nursing home.


The Bellamy family bought and opened the Hall as a 'high end' restaurant but sold it in 2008.


Mr & Mrs Timothy Lock,who ran a wedding events business.


Kidd Hospitality bought the Hall and following a full refurbishment,

it was reopened in January 2023 as a wedding and events venue.