Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

History: The bells of St. Swithun’s Woodborough have been rung for over 400 years. The current band continues this tradition of service and teaches new ringers to carry it onward into the future. Stephen Smith, the present Tower Captain, has records of peals and quarter peals, many of which may have been rung for services, weddings, funerals and village festivals or just for the pleasure of the challenge to the participants. The four bells were augmented by a fifth in 1985 and the first full peal of doubles in eleven methods was rung on 27th August of that year.

Learning: If you would like to learn the art of bell ringing, we shall be pleased to teach you. Anyone from the age of about ten upwards can learn. Ringing does not require great strength, musical ability, or a mathematical mind; but a sense of rhythm and good co-ordination help. It is an enjoyable form of exercise combined with the satisfaction of gaining a new skill in an old English tradition.

Learning to handle a bell rope safely and to ring in time with the rest of the band usually takes several weeks practice one night a week. Tuition is on a one to one basis at the start, usually on a muffled bell, and on a separate night from the main practice night. Individual progress can vary widely; but we try to have you ringing with the rest of the band as quickly as possible.

With the other ringers you progress to ringing rounds, then call changes, when the order of the bells is altered on the conductor's command. After that you are ready to start on a voyage of discovery into the world of method ringing.

Visits: You are welcome to come and watch us ringing. Please visit us either before Sunday morning service at 9.00am or on our practice night, it is now Thursday evening from 7pm-8pm.

More Information: If you would like to learn to ring at St Swithun’s, please email the Tower Captain, Stephen Smith, at stephen.smith4426@btinternet.com


Left: Woodborough Bell ringers in 2000, from left to right: Steve Archer, Sandra Smith, Emma Bradley, Lucy Foster, Robert Newton, Helen Vryenhoef, Andrew Bush, Christopher Drummond & Stephen Smith.

Above: Ben Clark and Andrew Bush under tuition with Tower Captain Stephen Smith in 2000.

St Swithun’s Church - Bell Ringers

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