Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Dated 18th April 1881

Manor of Oxton Netherhall


of Mrs Sarah Wyld under

Will of Mr Christopher Wyld

Manor of Oxton Netherhall         

The Court Leet and Great Court Baron of the Reverend Thomas Coats Cane, held at Oxton in and for the said Manor on the eighteenth day of April One Thousand eight hundred and eighty one before Evelyn Gerard Falkner, Gentleman, steward of the Manor aforesaid.

To this Court comes Sarah Wyld of Woodborough in the County of Nottinghamshire, Widow and produced Probate of the Will of Christopher Wyld late of Woodborough aforesaid, Cottager, deceased dated the eighth day of October One thousand eight hundred and seventy nine and Copy of which said Will is amongst the Court Rolls of the said Manor enrolled and here in open Court doth humbly pray to be admitted to all and singular the Customary or Copyhold Messuage Cottages Closes Lands Tenements hereditaments and premises of the said Christopher Wyld deceased situate standing and being in the Parish of Woodborough in the County of Nottingham or elsewhere within the said Manor which were given and devised to her for life by the said Will of the said Christopher Wyld. Together with the right members and appurtenances thereunto belonging And hereupon the Lord of the said Manor by the hands and at an acceptance of the said Steward granted seizin of the same premises unto the said Sarah Wyld by the Rod according to the custom of the said Manor. To have and to hold unto the said Sarah Wyld and her assigns during the term of her natural life if she should so long continue the Widow of the said Christopher Wyld according to the tenor of the said Will according to the same custom of the Lords of the said Manor and their Successors by the rents, customs and services thereafter due , and of right accustomed and she gives to the Lord for a fine for such her Estate and ingress, so thereof had one shilling and so is admitted Tenant in the form aforesaid.

Evelyn G Falkner


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