Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

The Hall Committee: February 1954: Periodically people enquire as to the Hall Committee. The following are its members:—

Misses D Hallam, D Jones (Hon. Sec), Messrs R Hall, R Hallam, H Hill, C Roe, S C Savidge, J Worthington. The Vicar (Chairman).

The Parochial Hall: January 1957: By the time the Magazine is in the hands of distributors, the re-roofing of the Parochial Hall will be completed, and also the new boiler house. A first-class job in every way has been made, and no further expense should be necessary for a lifetime. The asbestos roof will give a much better insulation, and also further contribute to heating efficiency. The excellent plumbing will prevent any storm damage in future. We have been able to borrow 60% of the money interest-free, and this should be fairly easy matter to deal with over 5 years.

February 1957: The Parochial Hall has now been thoroughly cleaned and is now ready for use. Please note that in future those who use the Hall must obtain the key from the caretaker, Mrs G Jamson.

We are very grateful for all Gaynor Jamson has done as caretaker of the Hall, it has been kept clean and warm, and she has shown a keen personal interest in everything. But it is too much for one woman to look after on her own, and family demands sometimes conflict with the demands of bookings.

August 1959: We are pleased to announce that Brian and Mavis Leafe have agreed to take on the caretaker-ship. It is to be hoped that those using the Hall will cooperate in every possible way to make their job an easy and happy one.

June 196: The Parish Council met representatives of the Community Association at a special meeting on 15th June, when a policy for the erection of a village hall was decided.

Parish Council Notes: February 1969:The procedure for the disposal of the old school has been outlined by the Vicar as a Trustee, and at a recent meeting a generous suggestion was put forward giving the village first opportunity to lease the premises for the use as a village hall. The Village Hall Committee have expressed a interest and the offer is being looked at in greater detail.

August 1969:A decision has been taken accepting the offer of the old school for use as a village hall, subject to further consideration of the general terms of the lease and to expert advice on conversion possibilities and costs.

October 1969: Members of the Council have met the Basford Rural District Council [RDC] surveyor at the old school to discuss the possible use of the building for village hall use and his report is now awaited before any further steps can be taken.

January 1970: The role of the old school for village hall use is still under discussion.  Information on conversion costs has been received and it is hoped that some definite news will soon be available.

March 1970: After lengthy consideration, and with the help of a report and plan prepared by the RDC surveyor the offer of the old school for village hall purposes has been declined.  The Village Hall Committee, which comprises four members of the Parish Council and four members of the Community Association, have lost no time in meeting to map out a plan to study all aspects of providing a new purpose-built hall. Visits have already been arranged to assess the design of two Halls in other villages. Appreciation of the requirements of all sections of the community is an essential part of the study and representatives will be called to future meetings. Priority is being given to resolve a difficulty arising from a request by the football, cricket and tennis groups, who have asked to be allowed to provide their own club premises on the playing field.

August 1970: The fact-finding committee formed from a recent meeting of organisation representatives were, in the main, not enthusiastic over the idea of a village hall. So much so that the Parish Council have taken over the responsibility and they are pressing ahead to collect all the information for the village to make their final decision later this year. In the meantime, it seems that the sports groups will be able to have some temporary accommodation on the playing field.

Village Hall costs and plans are still proceeding in readiness for a village meeting soon to be arranged.  In the meantime planning consent has been given to the erection of a temporary sports pavilion shed on the playing field for use by the football, cricket and tennis clubs.

November 1970

March 1971: On 27th January 1971 there was a village meeting which voted 27 against providing a village hall at the present time.

May 1972: Discussion on a village hall overshadowed all other interests at the annual parish meeting last month (April 1972) and by a majority vote it was decided that a new hall should be provided. The Parish Council are now urgently pursuing the matter and a further parish meeting will be called at the earliest opportunity to present the details and, most important, to approve a rate precept in order to meet the one-third share of the cost. Already a good deal of preparatory work has been done on a design complimentary to the new School and progress is being made on other essentials such as cost, grants, loans and outline planning.

Woodborough Parochial Hall/New Village Hall

The following extracts, taken from various editions of The Woodborough Newsletter, give some idea of management style of the Parochial Hall up to its demise in early 1984, following a heavy snow fall collapsing the roof.

A meeting of the Committee with all nine members present was held on 8th December 1951.The following Rules were confirmed:-

Times of closing: Monday – Friday, midnight; Saturday, 11 p.m.

Scale of charges: The schedule has been extended. It is impossible to include all kinds of let, but three different scales seem to make things fairer.

The Hall, though a tied Hall, is there to serve the Village as well as the Church.  So any individual or organisation belonging to Woodborough pays in future less than someone from outside. It also seems fair that since the Church owns the Hall and is responsible for its debt, that it should pay less than other hirers.  This Church scale is extended also to Woodborough Chapel organisations.

Here is the scale: –

From January 1951 with heat





& crockery


for a party

Over 6 hours




6-4 hours




4-2 hours






Under 2.5 hours




Above without heat 5/-d less

Library per hour with heat




Above without heat 6d less

All breakages to be paid for

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There appears to be a feeling among some people that the Hall prices are still too high and that when the debt is paid off the prices will be reduced. The best way, I think, that those of you who hold this attitude can test it, is to find out the prices of other halls.

April 1952: The Hall was used a good bit last year, but if you look in the audited accounts published last month you’ll see that the Hall surplus of £65 was due chiefly to the Flower Show, and the profits of nearly all films and socials (a considerable figure) are put back into the Hall fund, and the stage lighting account has not yet been paid.

The Parochial Hall was opened, as can be seen in the photograph on the right, in 1948 by Winifred Duchess of Portland

The Hall, I understand (it was before my time), had a fine band of volunteers at its inception. Among these was Mr Bob Hallam who was Hon Secretary from the start. He has been caretaker as well, most of it unpaid until 3 years ago, and he and his wife have put into it a tremendous amount of work. Since his new job is out of the village Mr Hallam has asked to be relieved of both posts.

October 1953: We welcome Miss Jones as Hon Secretary along—her help with the Garden Party more than once has been excellent—and all applications for bookings should now be made to 2 Sydney Terrace. We also welcome Mr Cook as Hall Caretaker; the wind of retirement has blown well for us.

October 1972: Architects final plans of the village hall were submitted for Building Regulations consent.

November 1972: The architect of the village hall has received notice from the Builders’ Federation that various increases, now and on the way, will raise building costs by about 25%. The full effect of this will not be apparent until completed tenders are returned and a request has been made to send out specifications as quick as possible.

December 1973: The completion of the Parish Hall (Village Hall) is almost in sight and there will be meetings with representatives of the village organisations and it is not too early to advise anyone considering a party event to get in touch with Mr Norman Tyler to check if the date can be made available.

Above left: Guides used the Parochial Hall

Above right: As did the badminton Club both photos dated 1959

July 1972: At the parish meeting on 24th May, which was specially convened to receive details and approve the cost of the proposed parish hall, it was agreed by a substantial majority to proceed with the scheme. This decision is the culmination of some years of uncertainty in the village and we can now look forward to the not too distant future when the hall on Lingwood Lane will be the rendezvous for many group and community interests. No time will be lost to have the work put in hand but there are many preliminary requirements before building actually starts.

Above left & right, The Parochial Hall following a heavy fall of snow in the winter of 1984

Above left: The new Village Hall being opened in 1974 by Chair of Notts County Council

witnessed by Ted Bunn, Reg Johnson, Norman Tyler, and Rev’d Godfrey Halliday

Above right: The Village Hal in 1980 viewed from Lingwood Lane.

Parochial Hall (Scout Hall)

March 1984: During the recent heavy fall of snow the roof collapsed, completely destroying the Scout Hall on Lingwood Lane. To ensure that scouting continues in Woodborough it is the Group’s intention to rebuild as soon as possible.



Above left: Festival of Britain 1959 an exhibition of antiques.

Above right: Harvest Supper 1960 - Mannie Foster front centre.