Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough United Football Club

1901 &  1902

1911 & 1925

1928 & 1948

1948 & 1959

1959 & 1959

1959 & 1959

1963 & 1964

1959 & 1962

Not much is known about the Woodborough United Football Club but it is known that they played home matches on the Pendleton Field which can be seen positioned at the bottom of this map shown as Great Pendleton. The team was first formed probably formed in the late 1800’s.

When land off Lingwood Lane became available in the late 1950’s, the new playing fields were developed behind a new village hall, and provision was made for a football pitch. Also, a cricket pitch and two tennis courts where provided for and the Football club played their home matches following the football club’s moved from the Pendleton fields.  

The map on the left was published for a sale of land to the east of Woodborough in 1879. Mr Pendleton’s fields are bottom left coloured green for identification.


1999 & 1999

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