Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Will for Isabell Sellers of Woodborough - 1663

                                                   Will for Isabell Sellers 9th October 1663

In the name of god Amen.  I, Isabell Sellers of Woodbroug in the countie of Nott. being weke of bodie but in perfite memorie, blesed be god for it, I doe Institute, ordaine and make this my laaste will and testamente in maner and forme as folloeth, firste of all i give my soule to almightie god hopeing that he will receve it, and my bodie to be buried in the Cherch yeard of Woodbrough.

Item, i give to my sonne John Sellers, five poundes and one brase pot.

Item, i give to my daughter Karie six poundes and one heffer, and one brase pane.

Item. i give to my daughter Anne six poundes and one brase pote, and one Cowe and foure sheepe, and the reste of my sheepe, i give to my sonne John and to my daughter Marie, and if any of my Children be taken away by death there parte shall be devided to my two children my detes beinge payd and my funerall deischard, the reste of my goodes i give to be equally devided amoungst my children, and i doe make Nicholas Lee and Richard Bucke my Executores of this my will and doe give to them the tuishon of my Children

Isabell Sellers her marke

in the presence of Nicholas Lee (son)

Notes on the above will:

Notes that in the original Will the Capital I’s in the first line for

I and Isabell are the same as the capital J for John at the end of line 7.

Words ending in 'y’ such as body and memory are frequently written bodie and memorie, but words such as 'daughter' have maintained the same spelling.

The family of Isabel Sellers can be obtained from the Parish Registers and makes interesting reading.

She was horn Isabell Bucke on the first of day, 1611

Her husband was born on the 10th of October, 1607

They were married on the 6th of January 1643/4 when she was 33 and her

husband was 37. Their marriage lasted 12 years as her husband, Thomas, died October 31st 1656, age 49.

Their son John was baptised on 11 Oct. 1645

Their daughters Anne and Mary must have been born during the period 1649-51 when the Parish Register is damaged.

This means that the children were all under the age of 12 when their father died and were still under 18 when mother, died, hence the reason for the provision of care tuishon (tuition) for them, under Nicholas Lee, a respected member of the village community and Richard. Buck, almost certainly a relative on the mother's side.


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