Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough is a large straggling village, in a narrow dale near the Dover Beck, 8 miles north-east by north of Nottingham. Its parish comprises 801 inhabitants, and 1940 acres of land. The common was enclosed in 1798, when 252 acres were allotted to the three Prebends of Oxton and Woodborough, 16 acres 1 rood 1 perch to William Taylor Esq., and 53a, 3r, 11p. to the late John Bainbridge Storey Esq., in lieu of the great tithes and their manorial claims; they being both impropriators and lords of the manor, which is now in 3 divisions, called the Prebendal, the Copyhold, and the Freehold estates. The latter now belongs to William Taylor Esq. The Hall was anciently the residence of the Strelleys and the Bainbridges, and is now the seat and property of John Ingall Werge Esq., who purchased it 1842, with the copyhold estate, from the three co-heiresses of the late J.B.Storey Esq. The church is a larger structure, dedicated to St Swithen, and has some fragments of ancient armorial glass in its windows, which, when perfect, was exceedingly beautiful. It is a curacy, and has been augmented with Queen Anne's Bounty. The Chapter of Southwell is the patron, and the Rev’d Samuel Lealand Oldacre is the incumbent. The Baptists and the Methodists have each a chapel here. The Free School, founded by the Rev’d Montague Wood, in 1736, now possesses a yearly income of £95., arising from a farm of 58a. 2r. 1p. at Blidworth, and a cottage and 7a. 4r. 31p. at Stapleford. The poor have 20 shillings and the singers 20 shillings yearly, from the bequest of William Edge, in 1796; and the former have 50 shillings yearly, as the rent of Nether Close in Calverton parish, which was awarded to them at the enclosure.

Feast, Sunday after the 2nd July.

Here are a friendly society and a lodge of Odd Fellows.

Baguley Joseph - shoemaker

Clay Edward - butcher

Clay William - tailor

Clayton Henry - shopkeeper

Culley George - shoemaker and shopkeeper

Donnely Thomas - framesmith

Donnely Mr William

Foster Thomas - shoemaker

Gadsby William - victualler. Four Bells.

Glover John - parish clerk

Glover Sarah - shopkeeper

Greaves Benjamin - butcher

White’s Directory 1844

Hind Joseph-  tailor

Hogg William - victualler. Cock and Falcon.

Howitt Mrs Sarah

Lee John and William - joiners

Lee Thomas - butcher

Mason Jacob - blacksmith

Oldacre Rev’d Samuel Lealand - schoolmaster

Patching Henry - bricklayer

Orme John - blacksmith

Richardson Paul  - beerhouse and shopkeeper

Rose Benjamin - wheelwright

Rose John - wheelwright

Sansom William - shoemaker

Sardison David - corn miller

Toplis Sarah - brickmaker

Toplis John - beerhouse

Werge John Ingall, Esq. Hall

Wild Christopher - sinker maker

Wild Elizabeth - shopkeeper

Wood Thomas - victualler. Punch Bowl.


Clay William

Cowley Richard,

Crafts R’d - maltster

Cumberland John

Cumberland William

Dring Hannah

Duke William, Brockwell

Flinders Samuel

Glover Ann

Hodgkinson John, Park Farm

Hogg William

Lee John

Mathews Samuel

Poole William. Miers Copy [coppice?]

Taylor William

Wells John


John Bish to Nottingham (Wednesdays and Saturdays) Mansfield (Thursdays), Tuxford (Mondays) George Poole to Nottingham (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

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