Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough Flooding - Summer 2007

These photographic sequences have all been kindly provided by Woodborough residents and acknowledgement to them is shown at the foot of each page. These pages of photographs represent a small selection from a total of around 200 photographs. Both used and unused photographs will be retained for archival purposes. These sequences of photograph start at the west end of Main Street and progress along to the eastern end, a distance of about one mile.

Acknowledgement is made to: O.S. Pathfinder map 813 for extracts.

Westfields towards Foxwood Lane and Main Street:

03: Westfields towards Main St junction and Bank Hill         04: On Foxwood Lane looking back towards Westfields


Main Street from Bank Hill to The Meadows - Second sequence

03: Main Street near Hall Farm looking west                       04: View east towards The Meadows


The Meadows to St Swithun's Church - Third sequence

01: Main Street looking west towards The Meadows            02: From the former racing stable looking west

03: Former racing stables towards Governors' Field            04: Outside the Four Bells towards St Swithun’s Church

05: From corner of Lingwood Lane looking west                 06: From corner of Lingwood Lane looking east

07: From Main Street looking up Lingwood Lane                 08: From Roe Hill towards Main Street


St Swithun's Church to Pinfold Close - Fourth sequence

01: Main Street from the Pinfold                                        02: Church View cottages & the Co-op stores

03: The dyke to the right of the Old Co-op                         04: Main Street viewed from Pinfold Close


Pinfold Close to Smalls Croft - Fifth sequence

01: The dykes flows away from Main Street at 122             02: The dyke returns towards Main Street at 124

03: A view west towards Pinfold Close                               04: A view west towards the Post Office

05: A building site under water opposite the Post Office       06: Main Street towards Smalls Croft

07: A view of the Post Office from across a building site    08: Smalls Croft from Main Street


Smalls Croft to Nags Head - Sixth sequence

01: On Westfields at the point of where the dyke overflows 02: On Westfields near the junction with Foxwood Lane

01: Main Street from near Bank Hill                                   02: Main Street near Hall Farm House

01: Main Street manhole forced up                                    02: Inspection grate on Main Street outside Middups

03: A barrier in use at 158 Main Street                               04: Main Street looking east towards Nags Head

05: A grate by Middups, attempts being made to unblocked it.                 06: A shared driveway at 162 Main Street, the only place                                                                                                                      where flood water can flow away and back to the dyke

07: The extent of flood water on Main Street near the bus stop           08: Outside the Nags Head on Main Street at its

                                                                                                                                      junction with Shelt Hill & Lowdham Lane                       



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