Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough Terriers - 1660, 1753 and 1770

The Definition & Legal Meaning of Terriers in English law - land roll or survey of lands, containing the quantity of acres, tenants’ names, and such like; and in the exchequer there is a terrier of all the glebe lands in England, made about the year 1338. In general, an ecclesiastical terrier contains a detail of the temporal possessions of the church in every parish. Cowell; Tomlins; Mozley & Whitley. Acknowledged to Black’s Law Dictionary.

A modern definition also describes - A land terrier as a record system for an institution's land and property holdings. It differs from a land register in that it is maintained for the organisation's own needs and may not be publicly accessible.

For the Estate Manager and/or Estate Solicitor a key element within the estates department is managing the legal aspects of the property portfolio, along with all associated legal documentation.

There is no doubt that countless other Terriers exist but we are portraying just three examples all relating to Woodborough parish. Note, the examples here may not be complete but are presented here in good faith.

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