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Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

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The following page was re-launched on 16th February 2020

The demise of the Woodborough Newsletter page 332

The following pages were launched on 5th October  2019 -

Four new Stacey Blake water colours page 602

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The Institute / new trustees page 132

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Mass dials and church graffiti

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Cock & Falcon - Sale of land & buildings 1839 page 148

Woodborough’s Bread Ovens page 315

Woodborough Hall - The Pedigree of the Lacocks, Bainbrigges and the Storys page 134.2

The following pages were launched on 1st April 2019 -

Bish family page page 650

Sir Frank Small’s life page 626

Lilly’s School substantial new information page 130

Woodborough Woods School page 151 - New information about sale of land in 1881

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Feast steam evenings - end of an era page 324

Possibly the worst snow storm ever? page 338

Down your way (Woodborough) by Nottingham Evening Post 1969 page 353

Woodborough by Maureen Brackenbury 1970 page 354

Woodborough by Mannie Foster 1981 page 355

Charities - Page 300 New information added 7th March 2019

Woodborough Male Friendly Society Dissolution page 509

The following pages were re-launched on 1st February 2019 -

Buildings of Interest page 160

Brick making in Woodborough page 161

Mansfield Parkyns page 624 - New information and 3 new images. 11th Feb 2019

This is a website devoted entirely to the history of Woodborough village and the surrounding parish. The subjects are wide ranging and the articles are illustrated generously with many plans, photographs and maps. Articles have been written by a variety of authors whose interpretations are their own. Suggestions for new editorial or corrections always welcome.

Huge debts of gratitude are due to the following: the two Davids, John, Margaret, Michael, Pam and Paul, also special thanks to Lawrence for his technical help and support. We also thank countless other people for providing information and photographs.

Thanks also to The National Lottery ‘Awards for All’, Gedling CVS, The South Notts Rural Community Council, our local councillors John Boot and Mark Spencer and last but not least, the local businesses who support us.

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