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Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, a Sherwood Forest Village, recorded in Domesday

Woodborough Hall Estate Sale - 1922

The sale by auction in 1922 of this important agricultural estate came about as a result of Mr Charles Hose Hill, late of Woodborough Hall, moving away from Woodborough to live at Nottingham. Please note that some of the properties are not within the Woodborough parish, the extent of his portfolio can only be measured by providing the full catalogue showing all the properties.

As can be seen from the Sale Catalogue the sale comprised a number of working farms and associated dwellings and surrounding land. It is not known how many lots actually sold but there would have been considerable upheaval and uncertainty for those tenants who had either new masters or who had to find new accommodation or work. Mr Hill was known to be a thoughtful and caring landlord and would have offered, firstly to his sitting tenants, the opportunity to purchase at a generous prices. The descriptions of the lots are of considerable interest, but also the reader’s awareness and attention should be drawn to the ‘Special Conditions of Sale’ at the end of the catalogue where a great deal of additional information is included. These pages should be read in conjunction with the individual lots. Use the following links:

Charles Hose Hill - A Woodborough Worthy

Charles Hose Hill - Services to Woodborough



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