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Woodborough’s Heritage

Woodborough, an ancient Sherwood Forest Village recorded in Domesday

The main locations for debris, were:

Steve Derry arranged for ITV Central News to come on the 23rd May 2016 to interview eye witnesses and later with the two pilots, ITV (there was also coverage on BBC East Midlands Today) they returned again on the 26th for 8.46am to continue recording this unusual event. Children from the local school were also present as were the two pilots and several local eye witnesses. The church bells were also be rung.

The following gallery of photographs captures this happy reunion.

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Plane Crash over Woodborough - 50th Anniversary

On the 26th May 2016 it was be the 50th anniversary of two jet Provost training jet aircraft [similar to the one shown right] colliding over Woodborough, sending debris down on to many parts of the village. It is indeed a miracle that no one on the ground was either injured or killed and both pilots parachuted to safety. Also no buildings were damaged and the photos of debris in and around the village testifies to how much fallout there was from these two planes.

The time of the collision was 8.46am and there were several people either working or going to work also children were walking to their school on Lingwood Lane.

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